Monday, May 16, 2016

Reimagining me! Impact from #NYLD16

Today I attended the National Young Leaders Day in Palmerston North along with 2500 others. We were treated to some short and punchy speeches from a variety of people, involved in a range of activities who each delivered their key points about what they've learned from their experiences- sometimes from a leadership perspective but mainly from a human perspective.

The main messages were not just for "young leaders" as an older leader at my school I took away a lot. The main reminder I got was about passion.
No matter what walk of life these speakers came from they were so passionate about what they're doing:
Billy Graham - Boxing - "Everyone's got talent, most people never go looking for it" 10% talent. 90% hard work.
James Back - Attitude - The easy thing to do isn't always right, and the right thing to do isn't always easy."
Brylee Mills - Dancer - Don't let challenges stand in your way. Everyone has challenges"
Johnny Wilson - Goodtime Music - You don't have to be the best, just try your best. Focus less on others and how good they're doing - focus on your own race."

So, important messages here for young and old. Back to passion. This was my takeaway.

I've forgotten about passion I think. I'm a passionate person I've come to realise. And in my role as Principal I may have fallen into the trap of being and behaving as I think I'm expected to. I've had to do a lot of stuff that takes me away from the things in education I really am passionate about. Have I got so busy in the day to day stuff that I've forgotten what I really think school is all about?
I love music and singing. Yet, how much of this happens in our school? Today there was a group of 2500 singing - it was moving. We watched stirring video clips, beautifully put together with moving music - you'd have to be a robot not to be effected on an emotional level.
I heard messages about problems that really need solving- environmental and war crisis situation. How involved am I in any cause? How often do I encourage others to be involved. When did I get too busy to care?
I saw beautiful dancing from Brylee Mills. I heard beautiful music from Avalanche City. I saw many students having a great time, swinging arms to the music and going crazy. Not all, but most. Caught in the moment. Having a great time. Who knows what messages they took away from the day. I'm looking forward to talking about it with the House Leaders I took today.

I have an opportunity, as I take up a new leadership position at a new school. I can be the passionate individual that I really am. Be the animated person that is the true me. My true self got interviewed and offered the job, so why not carry on being me. I want to ensure that students in any school I am part of have the opportunities to pursue their passion(s). Is this more easily done in a larger school where there are more staff to offer these?

What part does my leadership play in ensuring that learners can follow their passions? A huge part. My passion for education runs deep. I must ensure that "my" school is one where passions are encouraged whether it be sport, dance or saving the world.

I must reimagine myself again and take the opportunity presented to me.


  1. Hey Bede, fabulous opportunity for you and the leaders you took with you. There must be something quite inspiring about being around a heap of young people who are potential leaders of whatever they do! Thanks for writing this ... on a night where I am feeling disillusioned. It is ALL about passion ... and the kids pick up on this in ways we don't realise. I will pluck myself out of my 'disillusioned state' and go in tomorrow full of passion for what I am doing!

  2. Thanks Kerri. If the Principal isn't passionate then who can be?

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  4. I attended a Young Leader's event in 2012 with a group from my class and it was truly inspirational. You are right that part of leadership is being passionate and we need to keep our passions alive. I sing often, but I can't remember the last time I pulled my guitar out of its case! Thanks for sharing.

  5. I agree Bede, as educators and leaders we need to support and provide opportunities to develop children's passions. One way as you say is to share ours with them, modelling being a powerful way to engage children and facilitate learning. It was great to hear the speakers sharing their passions so animatedly - I need to remind myself that our kids at WES see and hear excitement like that from me, and the teachers, too. How cool would that be.! Great reminder. Exciting times ahead for you Bede.

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