Monday, October 14, 2013

From Professional to Personalised Learning Development.

I know some others are thinking along the same lines as me on this one. Here are my thoughts. In as much as we are attempting to personalise the learning experience for our students, we've continued to use the "drenching" method for PLD. All teachers getting the same thing from  a lead teacher or consultant, whether they want it or not and whether they're ready for it or not. What this type of approach fails to recognise is that while we're all working in the same place, we've each had quite unique experiences prior to being here.
Just like the students in our classrooms. And what do good teachers do about this? They personalise the learning experience in that classroom. What should a good Principal do? The same.

So - in thinking about 2014 (and we've already discussed this quite a bit) I am wondering how teachers can maximise their experience with their Teaching as Inquiry. We've got the process well embedded and we have differing needs in our classes now. Some teachers are better equipped at knowing what to do next with their learners.
My current thinking is to do away with the "drench" method and replace it with something more personalised, where teachers develop their own plan for "learning development".

I'd be interested in hearing from anyone already doing this at their school and what the outcomes/experiences have been for the teaching staff.

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