Thursday, August 28, 2014

Students need to learn how to learn. Teachers need to teach students how to learn.

"Students need to learn how to learn. Teachers need to teach students how to learn." 

This was a quote discussed at a recent PLG . I had to agree. But what is it that students need to learn in order to know how to learn? And in some cases, what is it that teachers might need to learn so they know how to teach students how to learn?

One answer to that second question is that a teacher might need to learn how to change their practice, step aside a little and observe rather than lead what is happening. Sometimes it's scary taking a step back and seeing what happens when you're not quite so helpful and not controlling everything that is going on. Sometimes students show you that they clearly have no idea of what to do, what they're really learning or how to progress. Isn't that wonderful? How powerful it is to find out what a student can and can't do without you leading them all the way. You now know more about that learner and gain clarity on their learning.

I wonder if all students already know how to learn? They spent 5 years learning before they came to school, they're obviously capable of learning a number of things. I wonder if sometimes that some students simply feel they have to hand over their learning and simply become passive rather than active learners. It's those students who need to re-learn how to learn and how to be active participants in their learning journey.

Fortunately, most students I encounter are active life long learners. My job is to get out of their way and let them guide their own learning.

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