Monday, September 15, 2014

Why I like Twitter.

I recently tried a google hangouts and was pretty impressed with what it offers. High quality video and sound. It all worked well.
Six of us joined an open agenda session, as it was the first time many of us had been on a hangout session. Thanks to Paul Sibson who organised this and it was great to make some new connections with other leaders from around NZ.
We got talking, as people do. It was difficult at times with people jumping in with ideas and if there was any lag, then it made things tricky. We all tried to be polite and take turns. This isn't necessary on Twitter. You can put "stuff" out there whenever, no manners necessary. It also makes me chose my words wisely. (Curse those 140 characters!) It also provides a record of a conversation.

I can see myself using hangouts from time to time. I'm even dabbling in goolge+. Not too sure about this at the moment - seems very "facebook like" and I'm trying to stay in touch with all the social media, but don't want to spread myself thinly. I guess it's a case of different tools for different purposes, but at the moment, I'm loving Twitter.

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