Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Sabbatical visits Day 1

I love hearing from my staff when they've come back from visiting another school. This is something I actively promote. I love hearing all the new ideas and the about the connection they have made with someone else. So, of course, I was always to include school visits as the core business of my sabbatical. 

I've always regarded visiting another school as a privilege. I think we're really lucky that we continue to give up time to support the learning of others. It's a mutual learning experience really isn't it - in visiting I gain some new insights, for the host they have a chance to talk their work which often adds further clarity.
I felt high tech (for me). Doc open on my phone with my key questions and my tablet open with voice recorder going while we spoke. It's been great listening back to the conversation to help me write up the main points from this visit to Whakarongo School.
This is what I hope to do. 10 schools. Write up a summary for each school and then synthesise what I've seen across the schools for different year levels. I hope to create a report that might support a school just beginning its journey into MLP.
If today is any indicator of what I'm in for then I'm up for it! I was given generous time from the Principal Jaco Broodryck and spoke to teachers as I went around the school.
Indeed it was a privilege today. I'm so fortunate to have this sabbatical and time to reflect on the incredible work we're doing at my own school.
Oh, the point of this post -to encourage you to go and visit other schools, or even other classes. How much do you really know about what's going on right newxt door?
I know that I used to think I knew. I've been lucky in my position as a walking DP and then as Principal to visit many classes and wish I'd done this way way more as a classroom teacher. No-one told me to value it, so I didn't do it. There was nothing to stop me from giving up a little CRT time and sitting in any room and just soaking it up. We can sometimes be quick to make judgements about colleagues, but what's this based on? So, go on, get up, go somewhere and see what's going on. What have you got to lose?

What  a great job this would be full time. Visiting schools and sharing with others what's going on. What a privilege it is to connect with other passionate educators who day in day out provide wonderful learning environments for the learners in their care.  

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  1. Visiting schools is such powerful professional learning. I wish it was more actively promoted in schools as a necessary part of continuing to develop as an educator.


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