Friday, February 27, 2015

Lessons from 28 days of writing

27 days have passed. What have I learned from the +Tom Barrett challenge of writing each day for 28 days?

1. I do not stick with things. 15 posts. Not 28. It has however doubled my number of posts in total.
2. I like to post.
3. I don't have to worry about being an expert to blog. I am entitled to talk my work and my thoughts.
4. It helps me clarify my thinking when I blog.
5. There are a number of like minded people writing about similar things.
6. It doesn't matter what school you are at. There are incredible things happening almost everywhere it seems.
7. I like the connections I make through blogging. I have made some new contacts via Twitter, such as @GarethGilmour and +BridgeeNZ  thanks to this 28 day challenge and through posting.
8. I still have so much to learn.
9. I will continue to post.

So that's it. I'm not likely to post tomorrow for the final day due to a family gathering. I'm about to visit some schools as part of my sabbatical so there'll be plenty of ideas to post about.
If, like me, you're not a frequent writer, I hope you keep going to. It's a great record for yourself and you never know who might gain inspiration from you.


  1. Hi Bede,
    Awesome to see you celebrating the successes of the #28daysofwriting. I was reflecting this morning on the challenge and realised to get better at writing blog posts I need to read more blog posts. I set out to comment on two posts on read for each of the 28days, but never found or made the time for this.
    Today is a drissly day in Mosigel, so I am on a mission! I am following #educampwelly virtually and catching up on reading blog posts.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
    Like you I have got a lot out of the challenge. I have signed on to keep writing right through March in a bid to increase my written reflection.
    It is incredibly powerful to return and read post from a time ago and get back in the headspace of the past! YAY for writing and blogging, networking, sharing and connecting!
    Enjoy your family day today!
    Anne K

    1. Thanks Anne. Like many who took part in the 28 day challenge I found myslef commenting on the blogs of others also. This is something I would like to continue and to do more also. It helps to know that someone has actually read and thought about a post enough and then taken time to comment. We're not too dissimilar to learners in our classes in that respect are we? Feedback is a powerful thing!


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