Friday, February 13, 2015

A salute, or a nod, to those who blog

So, we've had 13 days of this 28 days of writing. I've missed some days along the way. I'm sorry that I'm not sorry. Like everything in my life, I do it all in moderation. I've had interruptions, like my parents staying and I've placed that ahead of posting. Are my priorities straight? Yes.
So, fellow bloggers, if you are taking part in the 28 day challenge and you feel like a night off after a rough day at school, or you've prioritised something else, cut yourself some slack. Just be. The sun will come up tomorrow.
I admire so much those of you who have managed to generate worthwhile posts each day. I've loved connecting with new people and being challenged by their thoughts. I've enjoyed reading some beautifully crafted and clever writing. I've even enjoyed writing myself and having others comment or respond to me.
It's the weekend. Enjoy your time off. Enjoy your families and friends. Take a few deep breaths and smile. Do something just for you. You'll be better for it.


  1. I so hear you, Bede! I have managed to start a post each day this week but they are saved in my draft folder... unfinished... We only just opened on Monday. It has been a marvellous week and it is fantastic to finally be at this stage but it is fair to say that I have been absolutely exhausted each night.

    Thankyou! You have made me feel better! I must admit though that the #28daychallenge combined with our opening has been a lovely way to get back into blogging.

    1. I reckon that starting at a brand new school would have to be one of the best and biggest challenges that we could face in education. I think I'd love that opportunity. Hope it's living up to your expectations. Looking forward to reading the posts when they're published!


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