Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Preparing for my school visits

As frequent readers of my blog and those who follow me on Twitter know, I am on sabbatical. I mention it frequently. I'm not showing off. I'm using it as an excuse. My day is vastly different to the usual routine. My  mind is still whirring away but it's not worrying about the day to day stuff of running our school. Instead it has been replaced with painting windows!

In the background, I've been organising visits to some schools. I'm wanting to visit schools that are making learning personal at all levels of the school. I'd hoped to get to Myross Bush School - but flights into Invercargill or sporadic and expensive and it just didn't happen - a real shame becaise I know Tim and team are doing some awesome things. I was particularly interested in visiting smaller schools like my own - not necessarily doing the MLE thing, but still MLP in a single cell class.

I've been overwhelmed by people's offers to host me and every school I approached was more than happy to host me. Aren't we lucky in education-people are so happy to share their work. There's nothing in it for them. This is all about me learning. Maybe I'll be able to offer something back - it'll be great to talk with like minded people who are personalising learning.

I'm visiting lots of local schools.Wellington.  Hopefully some in Hawkes Bay and a quick trip to Christchurch too. 10-12 schools and I'll be profiling their approach and then synthesising what I've seen and heard about. Hopefully my report will be a useful doc for those starting out their journey and looking for ideas etc.

I'm really fortunate to have this time. My work is almost ready to start. I'm about to develop guiding questions to ask at each school. I need a wet day soon to get this done so I don't want to paint.

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  1. Have you tried jetstar to Queenstown? Heaps cheaper and it's a great drive in a rental. Would love to have you down.


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