Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The impact of 28 days of writing

This is challenging. 28 days worth of content? I'm not sure. I've normally not written much - largely out of fear - after all - what could I possibly write that could compete with all those who have such an easy way with words and are expert in their field?
It's been an interesting experience already. For me to see myself as a writer again, but also making new connections and gaining insight into other schools and topical issues that each person has.
I've been "forced" into thinking about dress code, uniforms, effective literacy practice, gender balance on staff and transforming my principal's office somehow. What a variety.
I'm trying also to comment on others' blogs. (Annoying when you've typed a comment in and then realised I wasn't logged in, and then the comment is lost when I did log in. Sigh)
I've had a comment or two on my own blog - which has been surprising and is rewarding and will keep me going too. (I wonder if that's how learners at school feel when their teacher responds to content rather than surface features?)
This is what has surprised me. Isn't there always a lot going on and isn't it interesting what's going on in others' minds - what's topical, annoyed them or is a current issue. I've been blown away. 
So keep writing dear colleagues - keep the flow of words coming. Who knows what impact it may have. 


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    1. Sorry I deleted my comment! It looked like I doubled up but I didn't. I just said that this was so true and we never know when something we say will spark a change in someone we could never have foreseen. Great post!


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